[Poem] 10 Things Every Woman Should Know

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One. You are the reason why I keep on embracing dopamine from which I'm able to think positively, make songs and lyrics, miss someone, care to each other, against all odds and always try to be a good man. 

Two. You're always stronger than men. Always. Which man would have guts of bearing another human from inside him, putting himself in a life-and-death situation, breastfeed and become an angel to a little baby?

Three. You have unlimited compassion to give. No matter how bad your significant other and child are, you can’t help but forgiving because you’re a woman with unlimited love.

Four. Some people might confuse you giving unlimited love and forgiveness are you being naïve. The fact is that you’re always a better person by giving those positive things to anyone in need.

Five. Please don’t instantly take a compliment from a man like me as some kind of harassment or rudeness for you should know that you’re beautiful as I would rather be honest about that as humanly possible.

Six. You shouldn't care about the size of your body because that's not something that defines you as a person, there’s always someone for everyone and I don’t stop loving my mom when she becomes fat because of me being born. I'll never do.

Seven. Please understand that I always try to protect you anywhere I possibly can in whatever circumstances not because that I think you’re weak or helpless. It’s simply because I don’t want you to get hurt. Most importantly, I don’t want to lose you.

Eight. Your intelligence turns me on. Your arguments on my perspectives are the sexiest things I have always been craving for.

Nine. Your career achievements shouldn't be held on by anyone. Your accomplishment shouldn't make your romantic partner feels inferior. Don’t let anyone keep you away from dreaming.

Ten. For what it’s worth, I love you.

Jakarta, 29 June 2016


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