You don’t dump a lady who tells you “I re-read our chat”

You just don’t.

I, in fact, am an idiot for doing so. In my life, there was one pretty, kind-hearted, smart, caring, and independent lady who had been texting me that she re-read all of our SMS history. It may sound a bit old, SMS, but yes, I still believe in SMS.. and Jokowi is a Jew like some people in Facebook say.

You can always be 167% sure that if you re-read your conversation with your significant others or platonic friend, there’s something more involved there. And, obviously there’ll be that missing feeling to be felt consecutively while re-reading that.
I’ve never had been living in an era where waiting for a letter for two-day from your lover to come was a normal process, though I’m sure that re-reading a piece of love letter at that time won’t be less-amusing. It must take a great patience to read your lover’s descriptive words, let alone re-reading them, and finally hug the uniquely fragrant letter. I’m quite sure that the lovely flowery-heart sensation of that will last longer because, like I said, it involves patience there.

But, with today’s impatient-demanding-chatting-platform, we can expect messages to be re-read in a snap. Not to mention, we can also send your love messages to not only just one lady or man. It’s a multitasking era indeed.

Emojis, please.

Back to my miserable-not-getting-love experience, I still feel bad if I throw back at the time when I didn’t reciprocally reply to her statement that she re-read our silly conversation history. And, the message was followed by her saying that she missed me, and she said sorry for that.

No lady has ever directly confessed that she missed me since ‘Saddam’ was the only name that I knew as a brat who asked me for money in high school canteen, instead of the name of a dictator of Iraq. 

My reply to her was, more or less, “I really appreciate and happy that you re-read our conversation and also miss me, please don’t be sorry for that."

WTF did I think? She might expect a simple one line of “I miss you too”.

The fact was I felt it’s too fast to get into the “I miss you too” stage. We just had been dating twice as far as I could remember; the date-talking was fun, the after-dating communication was fine, but I personally was just not in the same page yet.

Furthermore, I couldn’t control her feeling toward me just as I couldn’t make you—I’m not the newly-elected Prime Minister of Canada 2015—love me instantly.

What I did was stupid.

She said “I miss you too”... then what? That’s not even a start of a commitment. In fact, I can miss so many ladies with different portions of “miss” that only God, Splinter, and I who know. 

I was just hurting the feeling of the lady.

For that, I actually deserve more rejections from every lady that I’m smittened to.

Boys, don’t repeat my mistake. Embrace every “I miss you” that you get from anyone. It’ll be irrational and unlikely that the message will be followed by “now marry me”, so don’t be scared.

Rumor has it that the lady is engaged now.

Now pray with me, by the time she reads this post, she will have already married with someone that will miss her every night.

This lesson will be my jam, jelly, peanut butter and bread.


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