Purwakartan Royal Wedding

In Purwakarta, most romantic couples (and of course their families) love to have their weeding ceremony held in a some kind of convention center. Sometimes, the social pressure, pride and whatnot are main triggers to hold such ceremony. However, there are still couples (and yes, their families) who don't mind to have their royally humble wedding ceremony held in the (normally) bride's house. 

I've captured some pictures of my relative's royal wedding in Purwakarta just recently (if you read it after 2016, it's not recent anymore).

The Lovebird

The Royal Invitees

The Delicacies

The Loo

It's great to live in a relatively low social or peer pressure environment. People in that reception, especially the surrounding neighbors, were supportive before, during and after the wedding ceremony. They didn't really expect luxuious treatment as they believed that the couples' happines is what's the most important. Most importantly, I think the couples and families have successfully escaped the usual pride-game that's happening in our society. 

Cheers to that!


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