Cianjur Trip 2016: Takeaways

The location of Cianjur and Purwakarta regency.

I was born in Purwakarta, but my Father was born and raised in Cianjur. In his older days, Dad was working in Cikampek and he met my mother for the first, who was already living in Purwakarta, in a minibus during his trip from Cianjur-Padalarang to Purwakarta. Enough for the Geography lesson.

Long story short, as a result of my Father's successful minibus creepy-stalking, they eventually married and I was born, then my brother happened a year after. Going to Cianjur for a pilgrimage and meeting distant relatives has become one of our rituals every Idul Fitri. I would like to share some moments that I have captured along this year's my Father's homecoming that you never ask for.

1. The Pick-Up People
Lack of sight alternatives to behold during the trip. Awkward.
 2. Faux Stonehenge
The Rocks
 3. The Pit Stop
Don't be fooled by the empty chairs. On the other side of this area, the queue for consuming Tahu Sumedang was mental.
 4. Elementary School-Style Drawing

5. Indonesian Police Officer Show Off
Fat Indonesian Police officer no more.
He's totally ready to serve and protect us.

6. Dek Ogah
He devoured the whistle.

 7. Es Campur Mang Bace
The Bace-lor.

Don't judge a beverage from its looks until you drink it.
It looks like a dirty pond indeed.

 The ingredients.

 8. Bakso Si Senggol

The yellow thing is called "Mie Aci".
So, yeah, it was a quite fun trip. I managed to capture some moments and most importantly, learned something about life from some of my relatives. How's your homecoming experience? Care to share? :)


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