Walk in My Shoes: The (Boring) Life of Ijey

Walking for lunch. That's Oji's head and he's text-walking. Bad example for kids.

Before regretting yourself for reading this piece of writing, I’d like to remind you that you can’t unread this. 

You’ve been warned.

Some of you might have read the “5 Reasons Why Ijey’s Still Single”. This piece  might reveal the number six and so on.

Through this piece, I’d like you to seemingly live a certain somehow boring life of mine. I’ll be your eyes and your eyes will be mine.

In a nutshell, you’ll walk in my shoes… Sort of…

It's 15 September 2016. Let's start from the view that I always see when I wake up every morning.

A proper plywood wall.

 Then I go to the toilet for ablution to practice the Fajr prayer.

My favorite mini tapestry.

Into the bathtub...
A traditional Indonesian style economic bathtub
My gentlemen grooming essentials

Get dressed..
I know what you're thinking...
I agree with you..

Off I go...
 Wait.. always buy the Breakfast of Champions; the infamous Pecel Madiun.

I bought this when it's still Rp 7.000 until now it's Rp 1.000 the same portion. Economy.
Carry on the quest of the diamonds.

The office..
The legendary Menara Karya
The legendary 10th floor.

The legendary Pak Husein

The Best Employee of the Day
My desk..

It truly is my desk.. Proof:
Look at that handsome bloke.
First thing first, coffee..

The Breakfast of Champions.

Skip the work. We're off for lunch..

Walking for lunch. That's Oji's head and he's text-walking. Bad example for kids.

That guy..

That Nasgor vendor's gonna kill you with the smoke he produces from his stove.

We're finished. Let's go back to the office..

You've got to follow the leader.

The leader would open the door for you.
Now it's time for Zohar prayer..

 ...And another coffee..

Voila! 2.0
Here's my neighbor Talita.

Someone sent us flowers and I think of a Big Friendly Giant (BFG) moment.
Big Friendly Gjomblo
Time flies.. Asr prayer has come.

Afternoon meeting with important people.
Some good Samaritans bought us fritters and Siomay.

We devoured them in a snap. 


Maghreb prayer time has come.
Let's call it a day.

Bear with me.

We're getting closer.. 

But before that, let's go to the liquor store first to get something strong.


All right, now we have something strong to drink. Let's go back to the renting room.

Translated: The Dead-end Alley. It just sounds like my future.

 This is where I put the key. You're welcome.
I don't mind showing this since nothing's precious in my room. If I were to be robbed, so be it. The only precious I've ever seen and wanted is you, but you turned me down. Anyway...
Put the bag on her favorite place.

Charge the fully charged the all new Samsung Galaxy Note

Checking out the tissues.

Checking out the tissues stock. Looks good.

To the Jacuzzi..

Checking the Air Conditioner.

The legendary Air Conditioner

 Conduct the Isha prayer just in case..
Thumbs up..
The very last panorama to see before going to sleep.

Lights out!

 You folks really need to find another hobby.


  1. i love it!! you are my hero now. period.

    1. Thanks bro! You have no idea how heroic you have been in my life. :)

  2. Spotted the nivea deodorant! *hi-five*

    Kinda live the same you-called-it-boring-but-for-me-it-is-freakin-bloody-monochrome life ��
    Except for the luxurious jacuzzi you have ��

    What spice should be perfectly added like seriously, huh?

    1. The Nivea deodorant doesn't seem work to my armpits though.

      I'm sure that I'm not the only one living this kind of routine and some people have the same jacuzzi that I have.

      I have no idea yet the proper answer about what should be added to make life more spicy, honestly.


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