My Girl Band: Anna Prior, Hagar Ben-Ari, Theresa Wayman, Jessica Wolfe, Holly Laesig, and Aurora


I believe in God, you know? And I thank him for creating talented female musicians worldwide, these six ladies in particular. If I was given a chance to form a girl band this will be the formation:

1. Anna Prior, Drummer at Metronomy

She is a cooler than you are all combined. Check her out drumming in "The Bay":

2. Theresa Wayman, Guitarist at Warpaint

She has a very distinct style of playing guitar. If you're a regular listener of Warpaint, you'll understand. Check her out jamming here:


3. Hagar Ben-Ari, Bassist at the Late Late Show Band with James Corden

Hagar has been successfully making the great Christoph Waltz kissing her hand. Christoph and I seem to have the same understanding on attraction of a girl. Above all, Hagar is a charming bass player. 

Check her jamming session here:


4. Aurora, A Part-time Norwegian Fairy, A Full-time Vocalist

This magical creature has been dwelling in my heart for years and years. She must be in the girl band that I want to form!


5. Jessica Wolfe and Holly Laesig, Frontwomen at Lucius

Jessica and Holly are pure classic. Their crisp touch of keyboard and lovely harmony of vocals have changed my life. This one is my favorite:

Disagree with my formation? Haha! like you have a better version. I'll be listening (reading?) to yours.


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