5 Things I Like About “La La Land” No One Cares About

I'm relevant, you know. I'm just like the other. I watched "La La Land" and I liked it.

To be more specific to you, there are at least five things that I like from the movie.

1. A Wingtips Dual-Tone Shoe is Cool

I’ve known this shoe for a long time, but I've never known how to merge it with the clothing style until I watched Robert De Niro's "New York, New York".

And then, "La La Land" came up to widen my horizon of styling this dual tone shoe in a more modern context. Surprisingly, and even better, Emma Stone wore that too in the film. I think, people who are into vintage stlye like me can now be more confident in purchasing this kind of shoe and styling it now because of the success of "La La Land".

2. A Long and Deep Conversation is Fucking Romantic

I'm a big fan of long and deep conversation. The movie has strengthen my belief in this deeply romantic activity. I love every philosophical questions uttered in every of Seb and Mia conversation.

A long and deep conversation might not be physical. But I believe that to get physical I should be able to fuck woman's mind. If I couldn't do that, I wouldn't deserve any.

3. A Classic Daniel Wellington-style Watch is Cool

I was quite lucky to have bought a new watch in Bandung that looks like Ryan Gosling's in the movie. I don't know the watch's brand he was wearing, but it looks like Daniel Wellington's classic Sheffield.

It just looks simple and classy.

4. A Woman in Plain White Shirt is Super Attractive

Emma Stone's appearances in the movie have been hypnotizing the bejesus out of me. One thing that I've never anticipated was the simple white shirt that she wears everytime she works as a barista.

This confirms how defenseless I am to simplicity.

5. A “Big Fan” Romantic Partner is Awesome

"La La Land" has taught me that a romantic relationship is beyond physical or sexual intercourse. It's way more than that.

A more fucking awesome thing that I thought was awesome was when we become the biggest fan, the biggest supporter to our partner for whatever s/he dreams of in life as it should be.

All of us need a legitimation that we're good enough in doing shits, and when it constantly comes from someone that means so much to us, that's a big deal. The feeling is real.