Like Stupid

12:30 - I'm waiting for my date like stupid.

12:31 - Right in front of me, I can see through the glass wall of heel n' tote's bag section like stupid.

12:33 - I can also see the reflection of people's heads coming through the escalator from the glass wall, like stupid.

12:34 - On my left, Batik vendors. So many of them, so few buyers.

12:35 - On my right, a tall, slim, pretty lady slouching on the sofa enjoying her iPhone moment with IDGAF attitude.

12:37 - Just arrived, a tall, blonde, confused, look like a Russian lady. Of course, she's not my date.

12:39 - My date texted, "Wait a minute. I'm heading there.."

12:41 - I'm looking at my own reflection on the glass wall like stupid.

12:43 - The confused Russian girl came back on my right. Her friend just arrived, smiling and shouting from the escalator like stupid.

12:44 - On my right, the iPhone lady smiling at her phone for some reason.

12:46 - The iPhone girl's friend came. She's also as gorgeous, two model-like beings assembled. They went off somewhere only they know.

12:48 - On my left, Batik stalls. Still no serious buyers.

12:49 - I looked at the outside and it seemed the day's getting more cloudy. It's gonna rain.

12:51 - I'm looking at a couple holding hands like stupid.

12:52 - Two Go-Jek drivers walked into the mall together for some reason.

12:53 - A mother with solid bright plain yellow shirt came with her son and daughter. They sat. And, the mother violently put a make-up on her daughter's face. Her son was mocking at his sister along the process as expected.

12:56 - I'm looking at my own reflection like stupid.

12:59 - My date arrived, then she left without a single normal simple word.


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